Education for Sustainability

Working to help Reclaim our Future!

Education for Sustainability is interrelated with the concept of Global Citizenship and promotes a rethink of educational programmes and systems that currently support unsustainable societies. The values for sustainability are founded in social and economic justice, environmental responsibility and positive dispositions towards cultural diversity.

“What if education systems prepared learners to enter the workforce as well as handle a crisis, be resilient, become responsible citizens, adapt to change, recognize and solve local problems with global roots, meet other cultures with respect, and create a peaceful and sustainable society? Then we would be educating for a more sustainable future.” (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

We support initiatives in sustainable energy sources, ecologically benign lifestyles, sustainable food production and the responsible use of resources. We provide young people with the opportunity to express their creativity and we provide a forum for debates in which issues may be discussed openly and without intimidation.