Susan Alexander – lives in South Wales and was recruited as a Trustee in 2012. Alex has considerable experience of working in the third sector with gypsies and travellers and was our Company Secretary until August 2019

Sara Mai – lives in Shrewsbury and joined the board in 2019 having volunteered with the Charity for a number of years. Sara is our Company Secretary

Steve Muggeridge – lives in Kent and has been a charity trustee since it was initiated in 2011 and is also a Director of OTP, the Charity’s Trading arm. Steve was a Director of BGG from 2005 onwards and is our senior event controller through OTP

Mickey Murphy – recruited in 2017. Mickey lives off grid with her young family in Devon. She works seasonally in sustainable forestry and orchard management and is currently a farm worker

Guy Smith – lives in South Wales and was recruited in 2014. Guy has a background in festivals and performance and has stood as a candidate for the Green Party of England and Wales

Kerne Spiralson – was recruited in 2013 as our youth advocate having grown up and worked at outdoor events. Kerne is a traveller and is currently on sabbatical

Chloe Wilson – lives in Devon, has been a charity trustee since it’s inception in 2011 and was a Director of BGG 2007 to 2009. Chloe is the charity’s volunteer coordinator and convener