What do we do?

The Green Gathering charity commissions the annual outdoor event The Green Gathering – an interactive showcase for environmental sustainability, ecological awareness, human rights, appropriate technology and independent media.

Our event provides opportunities for learning about renewable energy, low impact living, sustainable food production and responsible use of resource from the perspective that education should be hands-on and fun; we provide environments in which creativity can be applied to ecological and social dilemmas, and we facilitate networking and skill-sharing between individuals and groups working in these areas. We call this Education for Sustainability.

Education for sustainability addresses our need to creative, to be part of a community, and to take individual approaches to learning and expressing ourselves. 

Our event provides an exciting village environment in which to learn and be creative. We have an assisted camping area for those with physical impairments and provide lots of ways to volunteer for those who can’t afford tickets or just want to get more involved.

The Charity has a number of small projects we manage and fund directly, these projects feed into the larger event and are run by members wishing to volunteer directly for the charity in order to make a hands on contribution to our work. 

Our current projects are:

Charity Home – our tent in the Campaigns Field where you can come to meet our Trustees and volunteers and feed back to us about our work. We welcome new ideas and meet on the Sunday at our event to discuss how we can improve.

Cleanstream – recycling and water saving

Serenpod – a tiny time out tent for people with autism spectrum disorder

Regional Partners – new initiative to celebrate and support local and regional centres of Green excellence

The Filming of Speaker’s Forum talks – available here

Find out more about our projects here

Onsite at our event we have in past years directly funded free crafts workshops, youth activities, projects to improve access and environmental initiatives