Charity Recruiting for new Youth Trustee

The Charity is now recruiting for a new Youth Advocate to join our Board of Trustees

Applicants need to be:

  • aged 18 to 25
  • able to join regular Skype calls and twice yearly face to face meetings plus the annual Green Gathering event
  • interested in furthering the objectives of the Charity

Please apply by emailing

New Company Secretary appointed

Sara Mai has been appointed as the Charity’s Company Secretary. Sara has volunteered with the Charity for a number of years and has worked closely with the Trustees on a number of issues. Sara has volunteered to take on this role as Susan Alexander is terminally ill and needs to step down after 7 years service. Thank you very much to Sara for supporting us at this tragic time


It was sunny! We were happy. Beautiful event, well done everyone.

Thanks to those who attended the Charity Member’s Tea Party on the Sunday where we looked at the feedback we had received over the event. The comments and ideas the meeting found relevant will be written up by the GreenStage crew and that, and any progress made, will be shared at the next member’s meeting in Bristol this autumn.

Project reports coming soon…

Charity Tea Party

Community members invited to the Charity’s annual Tea Party onsite at the Green Gathering 2019. 4pm Sunday at our onsite home The Greenstage in the Campaigns Field

Glastonbury 19

Two of the Charity’s projects have been accepted to take part in the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury this year: The Resource Centre and Solar Sewing. Come visit us onsite!