Green Gathering at Glastonbury Festival 2019

Two of the charity’s projects were showcased in the Green Futures Field at this year’s Glastonbury Festival – our 12V Solar Sewing project and the Clean Stream element of our Resource Centre project

The 12V Solar Sewing project providing recycled fabrics and free use of three solar powered sewing machines proved just as popular at Glastonbury as it is at Green Gathering keeping the crew busy all day Wednesday to Sunday. The most popular items for passers by to make were washable sanitary pads and bags but the workshop was also put to good use by crew with mending to do and a bespoke banner was kindly produced for Glastonbury’s one and only debate space.

The Clean Stream crew provided 10am to 4pm water bottle filling, hand washing and spray cooling – all very much appreciated in the heat and dust. The tap was operated by a crew member to decrease the risk of cross contamination and the tap spillage/ bottle overflow was collected in a bunding tank for hand-washing at the two tippy taps.