The charity supports projects run by volunteers which we showcase at our event but are available for other events

Crock n Rock

Crock n Rock GG17

A washing up service with plates  for hire. Aiming to reduce waste through eliminating the need for disposables and to enable customers to arrive at our event by bike or public transport by ensuring they don’t need to bring the kitchen sink

Our volunteers also collect, wash up, and deliver for caterers for a fee. The Crock n Rock stall is situated in the Markets area of the event and is handy for customers eating out


The charity’s onsite event home

Charity stall GG17

This structure was built by Tony Philips and is designed to carried in a car and put up by one person

The Greenstage is where we collect feedback and ideas from customers and crew and have our Sunday afternoon community meeting

Open long hours and run as a welcoming hangout where you can meet charity volunteers and trustees

Visit Greenstage site

Clean Stream

Staffed resourcing facility working to clean stream waste and reduce water use. This is both educational and a method of quantifying what our event is producing in terms of reusable or recyclable materials

The Resource Centre provides hand washing from a ‘Tip Tap’ which minimises water use

Charity Patron Jenny Jones at the Tip Tap, with star volunteers Sami Shanagher, Sara Mai & Buffy Boroughs GG18

Staff help ensure waste is thoroughly separated and cleaned before disposal. This allows each waste stream to be identified and quantified, with opportunities for lots of material reuse on site.

The photo below shows the plastic cutlery collected and taken off site from the Resource Centre at GG14 (the long white line is forks, the off white cutlery to the right are PLA – plant based plastic that only decomposes in industrial hot compost systems) and the plastic cutlery collected and taken off site from the Resource Centre at GG18  – the eleven pieces at the front!

Disposable cutlery GG14 and GG18

This from Em Weirdigan, Green Gathering festival market manager and director of Optimistic Trout Productions CIC – “From  2015 our festival caterers have been encouraged to use real crockery, and for those using disposable serveware only fully compostable cutlery, cups and plates made from paper, wood and card have been permitted. Single use plastic serveware is banned. Bioplastics (eg from cornstarch) are also not permitted because they break down too slowly for the on-site composting system and by mimicking plastic they can contaminate the plastic recycling stream. A returnable trading conditions bond, alongside information and assistance with sourcing compostable and reuseable serveware, has dramatically reduced the plastic discarded at the festival.”


Autism friendly withdrawal space at the centre of the event. This year will be a trial run so hours will be limited and it will operate on a first come basis. Please ask at the Charity’s hub in the Campaigns area for more info. Big thanks to Alex for funding a lovely little cotton bell tent for this purpose.

Solar Sewing

Utilising recycled materials and renewable energy to offer a creative activity for all ages. 3 electric sewing machines in a very social setting with sewing tuition  and machine maintenance on hand

Solar Sewing workshop GG18