Working groups

We have the following working groups set up and populated by volunteers:

Due Diligence – set up Oct 18¬† to improve our working model. We are moving from having ‘terms of reference ‘ between ourselves and our trading arm, to having a ‘service level agreement’ which is the industry standard for events. Members: Tony Phillips and Andi Martin

Finance – this group takes financial oversight and includes our accountant. Members: Simon Jacobson, Steve Muggeridge and Tony Phillips

Fundraising – this group was initiated in 2018 and supports charity projects to make funding applications to outside bodies. Members: Buffy Burroughs, Steve Muggeridge and Tony Phillips

Good practise – this group was initiated in 2018 to focus on how the charity can achieve and demonstrate good practise for outdoor events. Our starting point is resource use and waste management. Members: Patrick, Liz Barrett and Sara Mai

Membership – this group formed in 2017 to manage and communicate with our membership. Members: Chloe Wilson and Sara Mai

Policy Development Рworking to ensure we have all our policies in place and up to date. Members: Bob Baylis and Andy Rope

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